Tennessee Fire

Maggie Bilyeu

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Summer, 1852. Alexandria Spencer and a handful of faithful workers struggle to keep the family plantation from foreclosure. A plantation in dire straits since the death of her father. Just weeks from the annual cotton harvest when... Jason Masterson flees from the city of his birth. Running because he did nothing more than the right thing at the wrong time. His enemies have tracked him down...and now after weeks of running, they've found him... After being discovered near death at the edge of the plantation, Alexandria has little choice but to let Jason recover from his wounds while staying in her home. Jason finds himself struggling to regain his health and at the same time trying to win the heart of his beautiful savior. Alexandria, an obstinate Southern belle, finds herself fighting to keep from falling for this handsome stranger, while desperately trying to save what's left of her home. Two people, two different worlds in which they come from, but one journey. One that will take the both of them from Tennessee to New Orleans. An encounter that could lead to a new beginning for the both of them, or one that could be their final end.

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