A Holiday in Home

Tariq Mahmood

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Anyone who follows the international news, even casually, is well aware that Pakistan is one of worlds major trouble spots. This tantalizing novel explores the dynamics of present-day Pakistani society through the eyes and ears of an expat Pakistani couple that get stuck there during a vacation due to the kidnapping of their only son. The couple hails from established military families. However, even after they pay the ransom, their son doesnt come home due to the inaptitude of their well-placed relatives and the local police. Spending an extended time in Pakistan after many years of peaceful upper-middle class life in the US, the couple is able to see how the Pakistani society has evolved over the years. The rich are more scared in the new Pakistan and the powerless are asking questions. The novel is full of colorful characters whose fascinating lives have been masterfully enmeshed to create a story that remains a page-turner till the end. Want to guess whose help was needed to bring the boy back home?