Full Circle

Frances E. Pope

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


June 16, 2004 on the one hundredth anniversary of her fathers famous walk around Dublin, Chellsia Bloom comes full circle as her own life ebbs. Shouting No! to her mother, Mollys YES! Chellsia is an unwilling warrior this night. Her extraordinary music as a professional cellist has filled her life spanning the 20th century. As she struggles in the dark hours she looks back over the century with a heroic eye. Her only weapon against a century of conflict is her art. And so she passes this her last night playing music and dreaming dreams. She will not rest quietly and then be gone. Her playing will ring out and her cry will be heard in all its tortuous agony. It is the music of conflict and the cry of the dying who mourn. It is the dissonant voice of a century of grief, pain and anger. She is one artist representing many; her epic struggle that of the poet, the musician, the painter, the playwright each participating in the confusion and seeming meaningless of life in the modern world.

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