Storms Never Last

Memoirs of a Playboy Bunny

Joy Elaine McMillan

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Being a Playboy bunny is every girls dream. Betty (Dyer) Miller found the world of Playboy to be a world full of glamour, glitz and excitement when she was chosen to be one of the very first Playboy bunnies when the Playboy Club opened in Cincinnati in 1964. Leaving the Playboy Club, she made many attempts at becoming a star. The story follows Betty as she invents many strange and unusual acts to achieve stardom. One act she attempted was being a snake dancer with her supposed boa constrictor, Sheila, which turned out to be a dangerous snake called an anaconda. We all know how fierce an anaconda can be. Another act found Betty being the Dancing Corpse, actually coming out of a casket and scaring a troop of African American cub scouts when she was doing publicity shots in a public park. This chapter is entitled Feets, Do Your Duty. Among her five husbands was celebrity Kenny Jones, who was a guitar player on the Midwestern Hayride - a popular television show that was telecast nationally. She had watched Kenny on the show for years, never dreaming that one day she would meet him and even marry him. What a thrill that had to have been. Being married to Kenny threw her into the world of top name performers like Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Paycheck who would jam with Kenny at a club called Whiteys in Cincinnati. Betty also narrowly escaped being one of the Cincinnatis Stranglers victims as she encountered him one night after leaving the Playboy Club. Her encounter with him is chilling and will have readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will be memorized by her story. Should Hollywood ever get hold of it, the life and times of Betty Miller would make and excellent and very entertaining movie.