The Longhunters

A Report on the History and Family of William Blevins Sr. of Virginia

Leslie W. Blevins Jr.

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Finding the descendants of William Blevins Sr. has been the object of researchers for many decades. The author was happy to learn much about William Blevins Sr. and his ascendants and descendants as he sought information from his family and genealogical researchers who were willing to share information, books that have been written, and a wide range of information available on the Internet. Without all these sources this work would not have been possible. The author thanks all those who have so generously contributed to the information contained herein. They know who they are. Much of what is reported here was obtained from authoritative works and obscure data unobtainable in any single source. Some was also furnished by other genealogists who, with a great deal of patience, answered my questions with detailed responses. Without the material and encouragement of so many generous persons; this report could not have been written. In conclusion, my parting wish is that those persons who have contributed both time and information to this project may read it and forgive me for the errors which have surely crept into it.

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