Best Book On Getting A Microsoft Job

Matt Lee

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I know exactly how you feel. I also set out to apply to Microsoft, uncertain of what they were looking for. And I succeeded where most applicants fail. From my 8 years of experience working at Microsoft, I have the tips and strategies that will give you a competitive edge over other job applicants. Microsoft is an awesome place to work. They'll pay you well and give you unbeatable healthcare, in addition to other awesome perks. Most importantly, you'll learn industry standard skills that will advance you career. Not everyone can get a Microsoft job. But a lot of people who think they can't, actually can. And a lot of people who think they can, don't get in because they haven't learned from someone who's done it before. Too many applicants make avoidable mistakes and ruin their chances. Most of the information in other job application guides is generic and outdated. But my advice is up-to-date and specifically about applying to Microsoft. My book is the definitive guide to Microsoft job applications. With my advice, you are sure to impress Microsoft! WHAT YOU GET* A step-by-step guide to applying to Microsoft* An overview of the perks Microsoft gives its employees* A list of common application mistakes and how to avoid them* The exact strategies I used to get my Microsoft job

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