The Poetic Rantings of a Mad Man

John R. Yergin

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


The Poetic Rantings of a Mad Man presents a collection of the early work of poet John Yergin. The poems included convey a wide range of emotions and cover a period of great turmoil and heartbreak in his life. Because poetry is his chosen outlet for expressing his emotions and heartbreak, these verses represent a true expression of his inner self. Whether he is searching for love, coping with the heartbreak of love lost, or just trying to determine his rightful place in the universe, his inner turmoil is etched upon each poem. Some of his poems explore the passion of new love or explain the misery of a failed crush. This poetry seeks to leave a lasting impression of the journey taken to find enduring love. Hopes and Dreams A brilliant sunset, Melting into twilight, Is breathtaking. But it still does not, Come close to the beauty. I see when I look Into your eyes, A midnight sky, Scattered with thousands Of silver stars, Holds Countless hopes and dreams, But it can not hold all the dreams, I want to share with you. A million tomorrows Would not hold enough time for me to tell you, How much I love you. How Thankful I am, To have you at my side.