Fundamental Principles of Success and Fulfillment

Uffoh Emmanuel O.

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Life is meaningless when there is no view of success and fulfillment in ones life. It is my earnest desire to see people successful and fulfilled in their life endeavor. This burning desire gave birth to this book, Fundamental Principles of Success and Fulfillment. My interaction with people has made me understand that many desire success but they lack the basic principles to inculcate into their lives or to conform to that will enable them to come to this platform. This book is practically written bearing in mind the step-by-step procedures that will make success and fulfillment a reality in anyones life. In this book you will discover proven fundamental principles to help you. Each chapter deals with a specific principle. The first chapter deals with vision. Without vision, you are like chaff blown into the air, which will definitely end up just anywhere. Chapter two lays emphasis on the need to be positive minded. Chapter three is on the determination to be great. Chapter four is on overcoming every excuse that might limit you from succeeding, and so on. I can assure you that your life will not remain the same as you read this book.

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