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To Venice with Love

Jane Beck

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Ratgeber / Familie


In September 1997 Isobel and Rupert bump into each other in the departure lounge at Heathrow and their lives are changed forever. Isobel Campbell is free at last from work, a philandering husband and the emotional ballast of her family and is flying to Venice for a holiday in a city which she's longed to visit. Rupert Northcote is returning to complete a building project in the city where he lives for half the year. Since the death of his wife two years ago work has become an obsession. As they explore Venice their love of the city crystallizes into love for each other. But when they run into Isobel's ex-sister-in-law in a Venetian restaurant it isn't long before all the family, including Isobel's ex-husband James, are aware of their affair. Rupert and Isobel, like many lovers before them, discover that each can illuminate the life of the other. But they are both recovering from painful memories of previous relationships and their euphoria is as easily shattered as a piece of Venetian glass. At the end of a blissful two weeks they are forced to run the gauntlet of family intrigue, jealousy, interference and unexpected events, beginning on their very last evening together. The lives of each member of the family are revealed in a multi-plotted story with many twists and turns. In the process Isobel changes from the wronged wife into a woman who is loved and cherished for herself. To Venice With Love is written for everyone on the threshold of change who may be hesitating to make the next move and for all lovers of Venice who will enjoy revisiting its art and architecture.

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