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A Tale of Medieval Times

Philip Brisse-Kenyon

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


The story is set mid 14th Century when England was periodically at war with both the French and the Scots. The 100 Years War. The hero is Sir Philip Beausire, Earl (Lord) of Carleston together with his brother Charles and other companion knights, and takes place in both England and France.. Other than his support for King and Country against both the French (Calais, 1347 and Poitiers 1356) and the Scots (Nevilles Cross), at home his sworn enemies are Sir Ralph Pendalby (Black Ralph also known as the wolf), Jean de Corbeau and their associates. The dreaded plague, the Black Death features briefly. In true knightly fashion he rescues a lady in distress, who happens to be the sister of his arch enemy (and later marries her). He himself is brought near to death and is in turn rescued and restored to health by a peasant woman.