Empathy and Intuition in Distance Learning

Reflections on Gardner’S Multiple Intelligences

Ginette Provost Flatow

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Empathy and Intuition in Distance Learning Professor of cognitive sciences and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Howard Gardner is among the most influential education theorists in the world. Over the past twenty years, his theory of multiple intelligences, according to which every individual possesses various intelligences in different areas, has been broadly established in education. This theory is a revolution in attitudes on learning, especially concerning the greater customization of curricula, instruction, and evaluation, as well as the study of the nature of interdisciplinary efforts in education. This short work reflects on some intelligences that are not yet accepted by Gardner. Primarily empathy and intuition, which after many lectures, and through my personal experience, have led me to think that they should be an integral part of distance learning. Ginette Provost Flatow

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