Next: Iran and the War That Wasn't...Yet

Henry A Buchanan

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Election of the new President of Iran touches of f the controversy over our deteriorating relations in the Middle East. The new President of Iran is determined to have nuclear power. President Tom Walker Two of the U.S. is determined to block Irans efforts. The three old curmudgeons: the Professor, the Deacon and Abner P., debate the heated issue with Otis, the walking mail carrier, Missus Bulwinkle, the religious fanatic, and Brother Hawkins, the Baptist preacher. Location: The Sunrise Cafe in Scarrsville Kentucky. Otis would nuke all aspirants to nuclear power, especially Iran. Missus Bulwinkle would send all heathens to hell. The preacher would convert them. The Professor and his friends oppose our meddling and advocate talking with Iran. The worsening situation in Iraq overshadows all, and the Iranians are now involved in Iraq, giving Tom Walker Two the ground for attack on Iran whose nuclear ambitions are seen as a threat to the U.S. The Professor and his cohorts see madness in Tom Walker Twos opposition to Irans development of nuclear energy. Otis and his group see the President as the Savior of America. The heated argument in the Sunrise Cafe is the microcosm of the controversy now engaging the world. Will Iran join the Nuclear Club? Will Tom Walker Two, in his final year in office, maddened with power, threatened by the loss of that power, attack Iran and set the Middle East in flames? Or will his efforts to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon save America from being attacked by Islamic forces? We are at war with Iran. But not yet.

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