Radiation Sickness

Lama Milkweed L. Augustine

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


I speak candidly about radiation sickness in a poignant manner, because of not only the fact concerning myself succumbing to it, but I wanted to create a memorable impact as well as there exist people scattered about this world as these same people are suffering and dying from this copiously sad disease, or affliction, or mans' desires to alter the enviornment as he is now doing more harm than aiding it. ...But as this story that is heart touching as it is revealing, the young victim still maintained a sense of gentleness and patience in the direction of his unprovoked enemies, which were those at the very nuclear power plant, in his eyes, gave him life; a chance at hope for a brighter future in a rural place, but still candidly holding onto the past in which he has grown. Becomming completely ravaged from the terrible effects of the high level of nuclear radiation and from the industrial accident in which he fell prey, this toxic waste worker still manages to keep himself peacefully aware of not only the ultimate consequences of their mistake, or inexcusable blunder that should never be forgotten or done again.

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Lama Milkweed L. Augustine
Lama Milkweed L. Augustine