To Be Oneself

The Tragicomedy of an Unfinished Life History Volume 2

Abdallah Nacereddine

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


This autobiography gives a detailed account of his childhood in a primitive society and the conditions prevailing during the Franco-Algerian conflict and its aftermath. The book describes his search for a place to settle and his quest to find a niche in society and his chosen profession, tracing his philosophical and psychological course through life. It portrays life in the Muslim community in the USA, the author's relationships with people of all walks of life and origins, and his teaching experiences in an international, multicultural context. Widely read in world philosophy and religions, and psychology, Abdallah Nacereddine provides a penetrating insight into human nature the world over, with the accounts of his experiences from philosophical and psychological points of view and his comments on the international events in which he was caught up. His life history is sometimes sad, often funny, but, above all, thought provoking.

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