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Love and Learn

Invitation to Super Health

Sergei Komkov-Epshtein

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?? In the first brochure of the series the author explain shortly how to start the way of life expanse toward discovery of the meaning of our presence in the world. It is creative activity c r e a c t I v i t y that never stops. The longer you live the more powerful creativist you will be. No age limit. Every cell of our body loves the body and does her wonderful function because of love, not due to fear or hatred. A cell, which hates her neighbors, is a sick one, may be cancerous. When you feel pain it is information about unfriendly, disharmonic or hostile situation among your cells. Very small particles of our blood to protect us against the foreign infection or impurity enter the battle and sacrifice their existence. It is a heroic deed of love. Sacrificial hero deeds of love are known for all levels of life from cells to big animals. Your pats are ready to surrender heroically their lives also. Therefore when I invite everybody to reach extreme, super health it is supposed that all steps will be done with love and for love. On the way of Sound Life you will learn the true meaning of love with your body, which is created to please you, make you happy and able to be spiritual. But first we should sacrifice our unsound habits, give up false pleasures and provide a chance to our cells, organs and body to function accordingly. Page 5. The purpose of the brochure is to invite for communication those who share the ideas of healthy life or already practice it. All particular details of every individual system will be discussed personally. Let your knowledge become your experience and turn the practice into experienced knowledge that is in a fresh habit, a newfound program in your bio computer. A human being is modeled as a micro Creator & Truth Seeker, the creator of him/herself first and his/her local environment, a drop of the ocean. Recreate or strengthen your health, be happy and free. It will be your first necessary step to a meaningful life. Join the International Community of Truth Seeker Online. It is easy and healthy to become authors Online Club member Sergius Club: It is primary. The secondary will be the School of Healthy Life and as a culmination the Academy of Secondary Birth.

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