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Imagining Eternity: a Journey Toward Meaning

William E. Marsh

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


We’re all on a journey.  We all want more meaning than what we have at the present moment.  We wouldn’t be human if we did not. 

Imagining Eternity is about one person’s journey.  It’s an honest and forthright account of a human being looking for lasting value and purpose in his life.  In this, Imagining Eternity is everyone’s story, a thoroughly human sojourn into the dreams, pain, hopes, and longings which all of us explore and encounter.  It’s a mirror, not so much of content, but of form, of the universal realities we all face in our quest to find value in our existence.

We’re all looking for permanence.  Imagining Eternity is one person’s telling of how he found it.

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