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The Pain I've Suffered Was Worth the Gain I've Accomplished

Paula Manigo

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"The Pain I've Suffered Was Worth The Gain I've Accomplished," will enlighten the eyes of all who have suffered or are suffering hardships in life. Oftentimes, we tend to place our overall focus on the circumstances or situations that have come to try us in life, therefore, forgetting that nothing just happens and everything that we go through can be taken as an opportunity to grow more in wisdom andknowledge of our purpose and destiny in the earth.This book has beenwrittento helpindividuals understand that God has a perfect will and divine plan for our lives and we can either choose to let life shape and make us for His divine purpose or we can live a life of defeat. This book will certainly empower you to be able to take your focus off of your suffering and push you to allow God's will to be perfected in you that you may walk in and live a victorious life daily. This book, filled with several ofProphetess Manigo'sown testimonies of pain, will empower you and change your life forever.

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