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Women Are Like Cats and Men Like Dogs

Or Are They?

Kat Brown

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Ratgeber / Familie


Life is too short to live it miserably. One of the worst ways of making your life unproductive is the endless misunderstandings and miss-handling of one another, whether intentionally or not.
If you study the behaviour of Cats and Dogs you will doubtlessly see some similarities and this book subtly shows that.
This book is an observation of how men and women exchange with each other, pointing out obvious mistakes and offering suggestions to improve peoples relationships.
Take for example the woman who says to her partner “We need to talk”. Thats one of the biggest no nos, or women already making appointment with a wedding planner a just after one night of passion, or the woman who spends hours gossiping with her girlfriend in her mans ear shot, or indeed the man who brings back a size too large for his woman or who never notices a new hairstyle or both not communicating properly, The list is endless.
It should have most readers in hysterics especially when they stumble upon scenarios they can relate too.
Don’t be surprised if you recognize yourself! Hey, don't shoot the messenger!

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