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Waking up to My Life

D. Gordon Rohman

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


In this autobiography, D. Gordon Rohman, a child of the Thirties, brings to life in loving detail the world of the small town in which he grew up. He begins his story when he was age three with a mysterious kairos moment in which he was awakened to himself by his mothers singing. Ever since, he has cherished the intuition that he has been on a sacred journey, touched by God, and renewed every morning as he awakened to ever larger life. Raised a Baptist, his faith journey led him to seek God in the self when he discovered Emerson and Thoreau in college. In his 50s, he was awakened to a breathtaking cosmic vision of God and Christianity by the works of C. S. Lewis. The author fills his journey with stories of the many families who, he says, made me possible. I built my life on the rock of two families, he writes, the one I was born into and the one my wife Pam and I created in which we raised seven children. But I have been nurtured by many other familiesof my hometown, of ancestors, of in-laws, of comradeship, of vocation, of avocation, and of faith. My story, the author writes, runs like a two-way street filled with the traffic of active and passive verbsgiving and being given, serving and being served, helping and being helped, teaching and being taught, loving and being loved. Readers of this heartfelt and insightful autobiography will discover one mans road to Heaven filled with loveof ideas, friends, work, soul mates, stories, families and God.

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