...Amount to Nothin'

Cary James

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Stan Pauley is thirty-eight years old, healthy, gainfully employed, established in the community, and seemingly content. So why is he attempting suicide?Conversely, Stan Pauley sees himself as old, unable to achieve fulfillment, fearful of the world outside his realm, and terminally miserable.Social, familial, political and cultural tenets say Stan is out of the loop with his lifestyle choices and needs to be more conforming.His steadfast resolve to live life on his own terms is incrementally being compromised by failed dreams and unrealized goals, which he interprets as an abject character failure.Based on true accounts, Stans suicide note takes you through his life beginning as a young boy not much different from any other, possessing quixotic dreams of great achievement and grand wealth.Whereas most young adults eventually realize fame and fortune are merely unattainable fantasies remanded to neighborhood barbecue banter, Stan intently refuses to relinquish that ineffable goal, lest his fathers haunting prophecy turn to frightening reality.

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