Annette Martens

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


There are things far darker than the mind can imagine, so begins a note Jake Henderson finds tucked in the pages of a book, Times of Darkness. Little did he know that it would propel him on a dangerous path that would bring him face-to-face with a Demon. Readers will find themselves hooked as they witness the chilling events unfold in Annette Martens gripping novel. Jake Henderson likes to deal in facts. He is happy knowing that things are almost black and white and whatever grey areas remained werent that important. His obsession with facts eventually paves the way for his career as a solicitor-in-training for Scatliffe and P.J. Luck and Sons. When he lands his first client, Sean Grafton, Jake is ecstatic and eager to prove himself. But the unusual murder case is puzzling and when he pockets a business card that Sean gives him; his life takes a more intriguing turn. Jake investigates the murder and begins to have trouble sleeping. When he awakes he sees a dark shadow with blood red eyes looking at him. Suddenly confronted with the grey areas he has denied all his life, Jakes facts no longer work. He finds himself embroiled in the biggest battle of his lifethe age-old war between good and evil. Jake may be the key that could turn the tide of war. But which side will win him over first? Readers can discover the answer as a chilling conspiracy unravels in Demon.

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