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Beyond Integration

The Black Freedom Struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980

J. Michael Butler

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In 1975, Florida's Escambia County and the city of Pensacola experienced a pernicious chain of events. A sheriff's deputy killed a young black man at point-blank range. Months of protests against police brutality followed, culminating in the arrest and conviction of the Reverend H. K. Matthews, the leading civil rights organizer in the county. Viewing the events of Escambia County within the context of the broader civil rights movement, J. Michael Butler demonstrates that while activism of the previous decade destroyed most visible and dramatic signs of racial segregation, institutionalized forms of cultural racism still persisted. In Florida, white leaders insisted that because blacks obtained legislative victories in the 1960s, African Americans could no longer claim that racism existed, even while public schools displayed Confederate imagery and allegations of police brutality against black citizens multiplied.

Offering a new perspective on the literature of the black freedom struggle, Beyond Integration reveals how with each legal step taken toward racial equality, notions of black inferiority became more entrenched, reminding us just how deeply racism remained--and still remains--in our society.

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Sheriff Royal Untreiner, Race riots in Escambia County, Northwest Florida, and/or Pensacola, Pensacola NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), The "Atlanta Five", African American civil rights history in Escambia County, Rev. H. K. Matthews, Pensacola UKA (United Klans of America) and KKK (Ku Klux Klan), Movement for Change, the "Voice of the Klan", Rev. B. J. Brooks, the Confederate flag in Pensacola, African American civil rights history in Northwest Florida, Police brutality and race relations in Escambia County, Escambia High Rebels, Jim Edson, Florida Human Relations Commission, Escambia High School (EHS), Police brutality and race relations in Northwest Florida, Escambia County Sheriff's Department and race relations and/or civil rights, African American civil rights history in Pensacola, Judge Winston Arnow, Escambia County School Board, R. W. "Smokey" Peaden, Pensacola Council of Ministers, Rev. W. C. Dobbins, Governor Reubin Askew, Wendel Blackwell, Police brutality and race relations in Pensacola, Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission, W. D. Childers, Escambia County SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)