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The Tales of Megan Mcguire

In the Name of Grace

Pamela McGuire

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Tales of Megan McGuire, In The Name of Grace, is a mainstream literature novel about relationships and adversity, as well as love and mania, set partly during the passionate hippie era.

It's the late 60's. There is rioting in the cities. Hippies don their peace signs in protest of the Vietnam war. Skinny, sex and pot are the fads. Women are having nervous breakdowns and they don't know why. And back in a small rural town in Wisconsin, is Megan McGuire, a young, wealthy, white girl living in her abyss. What is her hell? Will Megan McGuire overcome her perdition and come of age?

This is a mainstream fiction novel, created to capture the volatile spirit of the 60's, 70's and 80's, as seen through the eyes of a manic depressive girl. It is a tale whose characters embrace genuine human traits and experiences. The author is honest and bold.

"Sitting about ten feet away; playing a guitar with his shirt off and his light olive brown skin shimmering, was the most beautiful (poison) I had ever seen ."

"The hours passed and I was falling heavily into the seduction of the champagne and cocaine."

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mainstream, romance, tragedy, death, mafia, drugs, prejudice, wealth, ethnic, family saga, love, hippie