Deadly Designs

Kathryn Keller

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Concerned for her sister Kim, whom she is afraid is having a break-down after the death of her husband, Susan Edwards goes to see if she can help her. But soon Susan is caught up in the complicated web of lies and deceit her vengeful sister is weaving. To add to Susan's concerns, there has been an assault and attempted rape on her sister. Asked about it, Kim refuses to discuss it. When Susan is attacked while walking along the beach, she suspects she was mistaken for Kim. Asked if she is in some kind of trouble, Kim just laughs it off. When Susan meets the magnetic Gil Markum, whom Kim holds responsible for her husband's death and is vowing vengeance against, Susan is torn between her increasing attraction for him and loyalty to her sister. Then a dead man is found on Kim's doorstep and Kim has disappeared. Is she a killer or another victim? Along with the police, Susan searches for her sister, not only for her whereabouts but for who Kim really is. Is she a broken woman, emotionally shattered by the death of her husband? Or is she an adulteress, a teller of tales, as she has been accused of being? Is she a murderess?

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