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Enhancing Your Presentation Skills

Till K. Kahrs

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Enhancing Your Presentation Skills is a highly entertaining, comprehensive, step-by-step book about presentation skills. Communications skills expert, Till Kahrs, shares his experience and insight regarding this subject in a precise, easy to understand fashion, so that the reader will be able to apply the skills that he or she learns from this book immediately. Kahrs examines the intricacies of overcoming the fear of public speaking, which is considered by many to be the number one fear that people have, by covering all of the presentation skills basics including eye contact, gestures, volume, inflection, and organization. Enhancing Your Presentation Skills goes far beyond the fundamentals, however, as the author shares his knowledge about the design and the delivery of visuals, handling questions and answers, thinking on your feet, and even handling the media. To top it off, Kahrs concludes with a bonus section about verbal and dialogue skills that really puts it all together for the reader. By using real life examples, stories, and anecdotes Till Kahrs is able to clearly illustrate what works and what doesnt when it comes to presentation skills. Anyone who speaks in public and values the ability to communicate effectively should read this book.



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