View Was Exhausting

smart and sexy, the celebrity fake-dating sensation

Mikaella Clements, Onjuli Datta

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Their kisses write headlines and their fights break the internet. Nobody needs to know it's not real.'Absolutely the last word on the fake dating trope' reader review'The celebrity fake dating book I was waiting for' reader review'I felt breathless' reader review'I absolutely loved this story from cover to cover' reader review'Come for the kissing and the razor-sharp commentary on privilege and fame... stay for the great fake movies and grumpy old cat' reader review'It's impossible not to be drawn into the whirlwind of emotions' reader review---Everybody's talking about Whitman 'Win' Tagore and Leo Milanowski. Their on-off romance is the greatest love story of our time.As a woman of colour in Hollywood, Win knows she must work harder than everyone else to control her public image. Whenever she nears scandal, she calls in Leo to divert attention - and the cameras - with their earth-shattering chemistry.Nobody needs to know it's a lie.But the truth about their relationship isn't the only secret Leo's keeping. And, as the line between performance and reality begins to blur, can Win risk taking a chance on real love?The View Was Exhausting is a bold, wickedly observant modern love story about truth, fame and privilege - and how we love now.---'Effortlessly cool, razor-sharp and crazy fun' Taylor Jenkins Reid'The complex, Hollywood love story we've all been waiting for' Emily Henry'SEXY and GLAMOROUS and ROMANTIC and CELEBTASTIC and such UTTER, GLORIOUS FUN' Marian Keyes'Smart, sexy and genuinely insightful' gal-dem'Deft, funny and tender... as smart as it is swoon-worthy' Julia Armfield'A perfect summer read' Vogue'You will devour this' Prima'I loved the chemistry' Francesca Cha'Fun, sexy and totally gripping' Laura Kay

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