House Swap

'The definition of an uplifting book'

Olivia Beirne

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


'It's like a warm hug!' Real reader review, 'This is the kind of book I'd love to read over and over again!' Real reader review, 'I devoured it in one day' Real reader review, 'Fantastic book, I loved it . . . the characters, the settings, the story, all of it!' Real reader review, WILL SWITCHING LIVES BRING TWO SISTERS TOGETHER OR PUSH THEM APART FOREVER?Twins Katy and Rachel don't know much about each other's lives anymore.Rachel thinks that Katy is a high-flying event planner in London, while Katy thinks that Rachel lives in idyllic marital bliss in the countryside.Each sister believes the other has created a perfect life - but the truth is that neither twin has the life she pretends she does.And when these sisters unexpectedly swap houses for a week, they're in for a big shock.But it might just be the wake-up call they've both been waiting for . . .Packed with hilarity and heartbreak, this new novel from bestselling author Olivia Beirne follows two estranged sisters who learn more about each other from a house swap than they ever expected... Perfect for fans of Beth O'Leary and Marian Keyes.**Olivia's new novel Three Nights in Italy is available to pre-order NOW!**-----'I can't praise it enough' LUCY VINE'The definition of an uplifting book' ABIGAIL MANN'A hilarious, heart-warming read' DAISY BUCHANAN'Olivia is an assured writer with great comic timing' SHEILA O'FLANAGAN'I loved House Swap - it's a heart-warming story of sisterhood in several forms' ZO FOLBIGG'Funny, poignant and uplifting' JULIETTA HENDERSON'A beautiful story about second-chances, self-discovery and sisterhood - I absolutely loved it. Olivia has that special knack of making you laugh out loud on one page, and shed a tear on the next' HANNAH TOVEY'Characters you will fall in love with immediately!' EMILY HOUGHTON'A charming, uplifting read . . . Delightful' ROXIE COOPER'Olivia's books always make me laugh out loud and her latest is no exception' EMMA COOPER'A wonderful, joyous tale, complete with a perfect measure of romance too' PERNILLE HUGHES'House Swap is a warm, sweet story about sisterhood and will have you rooting for Katy and Rachel until the very last page. Simply gorgeous' HANNAH DOYLE________________Readers are LOVING House Swap!'The cutest book ever! I've recommended this book to literally everyone I know' Real reader review, 'This book is heart-warming, life affirming and is guaranteed to make you smile - I loved it!' Real reader review, 'This book made me laugh, cry and swoon' Real reader review, 'A perfect story of families and finding your way through life' Real reader review, 'Loved this book!' Real reader review,

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