Feydeau Plays: 1

Heart's Desire Hotel; Sauce for the Goose; The One That Got Away; Now You See it; Pig in a Poke

Feydeau Georges Feydeau

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Belletristik / Dramatik


Kenneth McLeish's definitive translations of the most successful French dramatist of the Belle EpoqueGeorges Feydau (1862-1921) was the most successful French dramatist of the belle epoque and is now widely regarded as one of the greatest of farce-writers. His series of dazzling hits match high-speed action and dialogue with ingenious plotting. Reaching the heights of farcical lunacy, his plays nevertheless contain touches of barbed social comment and allowed him to mention subjects which would have provoked outrage in the hands of more serious dramatists.This volume of new, sparkling translations by Kenneth McLeish contains his two masterpieces, Heart's Desire Hotel (L'H tel du libre change) and Sauce For the Goose (Le Dindon), with three other plays from the peak of his career, The One That Got Away (Monsieur Chasse!), Now You See It (Le System Ribadier) and Pig in a Poke (Chat en poche).

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Feydeau Georges Feydeau
Feydeau Georges Feydeau
Feydeau Georges Feydeau
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