Literacy Beyond the Classroom

Ten real-world projects proven to raise attainment in primary English

Bufton-Green Cath Bufton-Green, Traynor Dominic Traynor

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Improves English progress at Key Stage 2 by 3.75 times the UK national averageDominic Traynor, the founder of LitFilmFest, and experienced educator Cath Bufton-Green offer a practical method for primary teachers to radically improve English attainment in their classroom.This innovative approach links global challenges including politics, social change, the environment, health and advertising to the five key National Curriculum areas in English: reports, instructions, persuasive language, fiction and poetry, and presentation skills. It develops reading and writing through exciting, real-world tasks such as emailing a politician, creating a viral video and using social media to start petitions. Literacy Beyond the Classroom presents ready-to-use lesson plans, exercises and activities to help teachers bring this concept to life in the primary classroom. This way of learning has been found to improve English progress at Key Stage 2 by 3.75 times the UK national average. The projects can be completed in Adobe Spark.By teaching English in this practical, purposeful and more meaningful way, we can inspire the YouTube generation to learn the literacy skills they need to influence the world around them and have a positive impact as global citizens.

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