Manju's Magic Wishes: A Bloomsbury Young Reader

Purple Book Band

Soundar Chitra Soundar

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Bilderbücher


A fun, magical story, ideal for children practising their reading at home or in school.Manju wants to get a present for her Mum's birthday but Cumin her cat isn't sure about the toy elephant or robot. So when they find Grandma's magic lamp, Manju is granted seven wishes to find the best present. But each wish starts to go wrong and soon the house is filled with a rock band, aliens and pirates! Can Manju and Cumin wish for the perfect gift? This magically humorous tale from storyteller Chitra Soundar is perfect for children who are learning to read by themselves and for Key Stage 1. It features engaging illustrations from Ver nica Montoya and quirky characters young readers will find hard to resist.Bloomsbury Young Readers are the perfect way to get children reading, with book-banded stories by brilliant authors like Julia Donaldson. They are packed with gorgeous colour illustrations and include inside cover notes to help adults reading with children, as well as ideas for activities related to the stories.'Every child needs a Bloomsbury Young Reader. Fun, stretching, just the right length, full of adventurous vocabulary and punctuation.' (Julie-Ann McCulloch, Teacher)Book Band: PurpleIdeal for ages 6+

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