Wedding in the Country

From the #1 bestselling author of uplifting feel-good fiction

Katie Fforde

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


1960s London. A handsome young man engaged to someone else. A life adventure awaits. . the heartwarming novel by number one bestseller, Katie Fforde.'The queen of uplifting, feel good romance' AJ PEARCE'Effortlessly lovable, warm and fun' CLOSER'Katie Fforde is on sparkling form' INDEPENDENT'Top-drawer romantic escapism' DAILY MAIL'Like a good wedding, it will leave you wiping away the tears' SUNDAY EXPRESS'Warm, brilliant and full of love' HEAT'Modern-day Austen. Great fun' RED'This is the most perfect, feel-good read' THE SUN__________________1963: Lizzie has just arrived in London, determined to make the best of her new-found freedom.Her mother may be keen that she should have a conventional wedding in the country to a Suitable Man chosen by her . . . but she definitely wants to have some fun first.Soon Lizzie has cut her hair fashionably short, bought herself a minidress, and moved in with two of her best friends in a grand but run-down house in Belgravia.Before long, Lizzie's life is so exciting that she has forgotten all about her mother's marriage plans.All she can think about is that the handsome man she is falling in love with appears to be engaged to someone else . . .__________________Praise for A Wedding in the Country . . .'Thoroughly enjoyable!''A feel-good story you can curl up with''Beautifully written''The perfect book to relax with''An absolutely blissful read!''Katie Fforde at her best'

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