Necessary Evil

'A thought-provoking rollercoaster' Ian Rankin

Abir Mukherjee

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


India, 1920. Captain Sam Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of Calcutta Police must investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharaja's son...Sam Wyndham is visiting the kingdom of Sambalpore, home to diamond mines and the beautiful Palace of the Sun.But when the Maharaja's eldest son is assassinated, Wyndham realises that the realm is riven with conflict. Prince Adhir was unpopular with religious groups, while his brother - now in line to the throne - appears to be a feckless playboy.As Wyndham and Sergeant 'Surrender-not' Banerjee endeavour to unravel the mystery, they become entangled in a dangerous world. They must find the murderer, before the murderer finds them._____________________________________**WINNER OF THE WILBUR SMITH ADVENTURE WRITING PRIZE***SHORTLISTED FOR THE HISTORICAL AND GOLD DAGGERS**LONGLISTED FOR THE CWA STEEL DAGGER*Praise for the Wyndham and Banerjee series:'Even better than his first' Daily Telegraph'An exceptional historical crime novel' C.J. Sansom'A thought-provoking rollercoaster' Ian Rankin'Cracking... A journey into the dark underbelly of the British Raj' Daily ExpressIf you enjoyed A Necessary Evil, further books in the Wyndham and Banerjee series are available now:A Rising ManSmoke and AshesDeath in the EastThe Shadows of Men

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