Life and Otter Miracles

The perfect feel-good book from the #1 bestselling author of Away with the Penguins

Hazel Prior

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


From the bestselling author of Richard & Judy's pick Away with the Penguins comes this 'otterly' delightful, heart-warming and feel-good story about the healing power of nature.'A lovely holiday read . . . Packed full of humanity and otters!' Sally Page, bestselling author of The Keeper of Stories'This book was just amazing. It made me laugh and cry!' *****'There is so much to love and treasure in this story' *****'This book was a delight from start to finish!' *****'Glorious dose of otter cuteness' *****You loved Veronica McCreedy. Now meet Phoebe Featherstone . . ._____Down by the river, Phoebe Featherstone is about to make a life-changing discovery . . .Clever, nosy Phoebe is unable to get out much, but she has a talent for uncovering her neighbours' secrets by examining the parcels delivered by her courier father, Al.When they discover an abandoned baby otter on the riverbank, Phoebe must step out of her comfort zone - and she experiences an unexpected sense of happiness that she has not felt in a very long time. But now, further secrets are coming to light.Phoebe soon realizes that something is amiss at the local otter sanctuary. She will need to overcome her own close ly guarded issues and put all her sleuthing skills to good use if she wants to save the otters . . . and in the process, change her life for ever._____Praise for Hazel Prior:'A lovely holiday read . . . Packed full of humanity and otters!' Sally Page'Beautifully written by a born storyteller' Lorraine Kelly'Uplifting, heartwarming and wonderful, an utterly charming story - I loved it!' Faith Hogan'This gorgeous book has everything!' Clare Pooley'Perfect fireside read' Trisha Ashley'A glorious, life-affirming story. I read it in a day' Clare Mackintosh'A story that readers will be sure to fall in love with. Otterly charming!' Freya Sampson'Funny, bittersweet and wholly original' Daily Express