Chief Shepherdess

Lessons in Life, Love and Farming

Zoe Colville

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Funny, gutsy and heartfelt. Daily MailZo Colville spent years in a fancy hair salon with a long list of clients, living on cigarettes, croissants, and a shoestring. It was everything she'd ever wanted. But when an unexpected and overwhelming loss caused her life to shift unexpectedly, she found herself on a different path. One where the only use for a hairdryer is warming new-born lambs; where the cycle of life on a farm gives new meaning on purpose, and where nature is both a strict teacher and a balm to soothe the pressures of everyday life.Zo is now a full-time farmer, business owner and activist. In this memoir, she speaks vivaciously, humorously, and candidly about the lessons learned along the way, from mental health, social media and identity to surviving as an entrepreneur in a shifting economy. And through those lessons - in love, loss, and lambing - discovering something even more important: that it's always the right time to take a bold step and try something new.'I grab the motionless lamb, which is frighteningly slippery, and scramble on my feet, swinging its little body around to help it breathe. I see its chest move, then it sneezes and starts breathing. It's stunned by the delivery experience. As am I. I'm high on adrenaline. Tears are streaming down my face. I pop the lamb down on the ground and start frantically rubbing its tiny body... Looking back, I can see that this was one of the first moments of questioning whether I'm truly cut out for farming, realising that the answer might be... yes!'

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