Kay David

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


THEY''RE DEFINITELY NOT TWO OF A KINDElizabeth and April are identical twins.Except they don''t look or act alike anymore. Elizabeth is reserved, quiet and hardworking. April isn''t. When April disappears, Elizabeth can only think the worst. But she''ll do whatever it takes to find her sister. Enter a dark, dangerous world, pretend she''s someone she''s not and ask a complete stranger for help.John Mallory knows there''s more to Elizabeth Benoit than she''s letting on. She tortures her beautiful hair by putting it up and covers her gorgeous body with tailored suits. Every instinct he has tells him she''s hiding something. And he''s the kind of man who doesn''t like unsolved mysteries. So when she tells him about her sister''s disappearance, he doesn''t think twice about helping–though it''s clear she doesn''t really want him involved.

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