Principle of Evil (DCI Claire Winters crime series, Book 2)

T.M.E. Walsh

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


A body has been found in a frozen lake, bringing a gruesome act of evil into the light.One look at the victim is enough for DCI Claire Winters to recognise the work of a warped mind. And when another woman is reported missing, Claire's worst fears are confirmed: this is a killer who plans to strike again.As the body count rises, the pressure is on for Claire to find the perpetrator and bring them to justice. But first, she must learn to understand the twisted mind behind the crimes. And that will take her to a darker place than she ever thought possible.Loved DCI Helen Grace and DI Kim Stone? Don't miss the second book in the addictive new DCI Claire Winters series.Watch out for more from DCI Claire Winters1. FOR ALL OUR SINS2. THE PRINCIPLE OF EVILWhat readers are saying about The Principle of Evil'[The Principle of Evil is a] fast paced psychological thriller which leaves your nerves on edge as it creeps towards the climax.'- Sharon Bairden, THE Book Club reviewer'Held me captivated from page 1. Gripping, fast - I just couldn't put it down.'- Martha Brindley, Independent reviewer'I have been totally and utterly mesmerised by this book. Gripped from the very start.'- Michelle Simons, Independent reviewer