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Kim Lawrence, Maggie Cox, Chantelle Shaw, et al.

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A Taste of the UntamedNotorious polo champion Nacho Acosto is restoring his sprawling Argentinian vineyard and he needs a sommelier who can match his exacting tastes... In spite of her inexperience, pretty Grace Lundstrum is perfect for the job - but now it's not just the wine that has her mouth watering!The Red-Hot ArgentinianReigning polo champion Nero Caracas bows to no man...and certainly not to women! With red-hot Latin blood coursing through his veins, what he wants he gets... Aloof beauty Bella Wheeler has two things Nero wants - the best horse in the world, and a body as pure as her ice-maiden's reputation!Taming the Last AcostaPhotojournalist Romy Winner has always lived life through the camera lens...until Argentinian polo champion turned Special Forces soldier Kruz Acosta challenges her to step out of the shadows - and into his bed! Discovering that she's pregnant with his child, Romy must now tame the wild Acosta!

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