Megan Angelo

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


'An eerie masterpiece' Christina Dalcher'Think Black Mirror with a comic twist' OK!When everyone is watching you can run, but you can't hide...2051. Marlow and her mother, Floss, have been handpicked to live their lives on camera, in the closed community of Constellation.Unlike her mother, who adores the spotlight, Marlow hates having her every move judged by a national audience.But she isn't brave enough to escape until she discovers a shattering secret about her birth.Now she must unravel the truth around her own history in a terrifying race against time...An explosive and unsettling novel set in the near-future, perfect for fans of Station Eleven, Black Mirror, The Circle and Friend Request. Everyone is talking about Followers'A first-rate dystopian tale' The I'A compelling look at the power of technology and social networks. You won't be able to put it down''Megan Angelo's debut novel will have you hooked...think Black Mirror with a comic twist' OK!'Suspenseful, thought-provoking and terrifying' Daily Mail'One of 2020's most anticipated books. Looking for a razor-sharp take on the future of humanity and social media? Meet Followers' Entertainment Weekly

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Megan Angelo