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How Real Teachers Learn to Engage All Learners

Sarah J. Noonan

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The first few years of teaching represent an intense period of experimentation and learning, leading to the adoption of learner-centered practices to help students achieve. A critical incident or nagging problem triggers critical reflection on practice, experimentation, the adoption of new approaches, and permanent changes in practice. When teachers improve their practice through action research and collaboration with colleagues, students predictably learn more. Inspecting the “core” areas of teaching and learning helps teachers critically reflect on practice to improve and innovate. Drawing on research and best practices from education and psychology, readers learn how four “motivational pathways” attract even the most reluctant and resistant learners to learning. While many recognize the importance of well prepared and accomplished teachers in helping students learn, too few recognize the need for continuous learning as the surest route to gaining expertise in teaching and increasing student achievement. Practical models and strategies presented in this book will help teachers address the important challenges facing schools today, including supporting disadvantaged learners, raising student achievement, and challenging all students to achieve their potential.