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Forward Fast

Making Sense of Education in an Era of Rapid Change

Marc Isseks

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FORWARD FAST explores the extraordinary impact that the internet and web-enabled devices have had on schools. Educational leader and author, Marc Isseks, conveys the need for today’s classrooms to be centers of context, not content. In this exciting new world, principals, teachers, parents and students have the opportunity to permanently transform learning and redefine what meaningful instruction is all about.

Isseks explains how to promote creativity and innovation from the teacher’s lounge to the superintendent’s office. Armed with tools and strategies that foster more engaging classrooms, educators feel empowered to achieve their full potential. Valuable insights are also provided for parents who often fail to fully conceive the incredibly powerful – and often negative – impact the internet and social media are having on their children.

Lastly, the author paves the way for educators to design coursework that goes well beyond STEM initiatives. Children not only need the skills to work in a technological world, they need to learn how to live in a world with technology.

A self-proclaimed “educational pyromaniac,” Marc Isseks intends to light fires under educators who work and set fire to systemic conventions that do not, in an effort to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of children in a world moving FORWARD FAST.

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