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Collaboration, Communications, and Critical Thinking

A STEM-Inspired Path across the Curriculum

Mary Hamm, Dennis Adams

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This book makes a case for a STEM-based approach across the curriculum by highlighting the potential impacts of rapid societal change, newly emerging information technologies, and the increasing demand for a new generation of skillful and well-rounded citizens and workers. The book discusses how thinking skills, collaborative learning, communications-related information technologies, science and math, language and literacy, and arts education can be used as mutually reinforcing instruments in preparing young learners. The role of the family, teachers, and school administration in creating an environment where young students can stand a chance is also articulated. Above all, the book reiterates the value of pedagogically attuned teachers who are sensitive to the diversity of backgrounds and capabilities of students. They will oversee and guide the transformation of young learners who will be trained to trust their creativity, humanity, and critical thinking skills in navigating the 21st century world.