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Empowered Students

Educating Flexible Minds for a Flexible Future

Kerry Decker Rutishauser

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All children deserve the opportunity to practice freedom of thought, voice, and movement in school. Giving students the opportunity to practice freedom--to teach them how to be autonomous, responsible, cooperative and critically literate--should be done in communities and schools across the country, and this book shows how.

The key ability of the human brain that cannot be digitized or mechanized is its ability to interpret—that is, to cope with the intentions of another, to understand what was said and what was meant. Humans have the ability to work together as a team toward a common goal (i.e. cooperate), to be altruistic and make sacrifices to help others, to build trust, and to feel empathy or sympathy—and robots do not.

Developing and using these interpretive and cooperative skills is essential to having a nation of thoughtful citizens who are capable of seeing themselves as solutions to the problems and issues we face.

Empowered Students: Educating Flexible Minds for a Flexible Future is a theory-to-practice story of how students at a segregated and failing New York City high school were released from years of oppressive schooling practices and learned how to practice freedom, told through the voices and the people who built it: the school leaders, teachers and students.

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Education Organization Development, Restorative Justice, Multilingual Learners, Pedagogy and Curriculum, Critical Literacy, Discipline, Language, Student-Centered Learning, International, New York City, Child Development, Psychology, Equity and Achievement, Teaching and Learning, Linguistics, Academic language, Special Education, Literacy, Turn Around, Critical Thinking, Social Emotional Learning