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Teaching Social Studies to Multilingual Learners in High School

Connecting Inquiry and Visual Literacy to Promote Progressive Learning

Xiaoning Chen, Mark Newman

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Teaching Social Studies to Multilingual Learners in High School: Connecting Inquiry and Visual Literacy to Promote Progressive Learning explores effective strategies for teaching social studies to diverse learners. The centerpiece is a visual literacy framework that integrates inquiry, primary source analysis, and visual literacy to provide a progressive learning sequence to meet the varied needs of learners. The visual literacy framework brings together related aspects of progressive, sequential learning into a cohesive whole. It has an adaptable structure that allows teachers to customize learning activities to meet individual student needs. The progressive learning sequence has varied modes of learning that help teachers move students from basic to proficient to advanced levels of support.

The book is organized into two related parts. The first three chapters provide important content and context on social studies, multilingual learner education, and the visual literacy framework. The remaining chapters discuss civics, U.S. history, world history, geography, and economics and social sciences. Each chapter defines the subject area, briefly traces its development as a high school subject over time, and then offers classroom exercises for using the visual literacy framework in these disciplines. The exercises are plotted so that differing levels of the visual literacy framework are explored throughout the book.



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