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How Much Does a Great School Cost?

School Economies and School Values

Barbara J. Smith

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After examining budgets from all kinds of schools, over the past three decades, two key findings emerged: school budgets reflect school values, intentionally or not; and, there are noteworthy ways to reduce the costs of operating schools. This text addresses two ways to gain insight and shed light on the question: How much does a great school cost? Sixteen educators were asked about their perceptions of greatness in schools, innovations worthy of pursuit, and barriers to change. This examination unpacks the expenditures and revenue options in existing schools; as well as, costs associated with an envisioned New School. This account addresses both an analysis of what is and what could be, at the same time as revealing innovative ways to save on schooling expenditures, and think differently about schools as potential revenue-generating institutions. Changing mindsets is at the core of school improvement, and while greatness may be defined in different ways, the budget will reflect what matters in an institution. A great school may not cost as much as you might think, but the willingness to re-purpose funds and generate revenue, can help jump start the engines of change.

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educational research, vision, school improvement, innovation, reform