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From First Year to First Rate

Thriving during the Initial Years of Your Teaching Career

Matthew J. Jennings

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Administrators often assume new teachers come prepared with the foundational skills required to be effective teachers. Not only is this frequently a false assumption, but some of these skills do also not fully make sense until a teacher has responsibility for a classroom. To assist in the transition process, many teachers will attend orientation and be assigned a mentor. However, they will not receive professional development designed to establish the foundational skills of classroom management, direct instruction, classroom assessment and professionalism. These are the bedrock skills necessary for both short and long-term success as a professional educator. Through concise, research-based explanations and practical application activities, this book is designed to fill this void. Whether it is read alone, in concert with a mentor, or as part of a systematic district induction program, teachers that master the content of this text will become effective with their students.



Professional Development, Induction, Orientation, Mentoring, New Teacher