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Resolving the Crisis in Higher Education

The Key Role of Business Continuity Planning

John "Jack" Hampton

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Resolving the Crisis in Higher Education: The Key Role of Business Continuity Planning asks and answers probing questions affecting higher education in the post-COVID-19 educational landscape. The book examines whether private universities, particularly liberal arts colleges, have viable business models and discusses the risk posed by a faulty business model. It fits a liberal arts foundation into a sustainable value chain for a university and shows how business continuity planning (BCP) can help a university to achieve long-term sustainable operation. It also recommends goals, composition, and successful practices for a business continuity planning task force. Ultimately, this book creates a pathway to build viable undergraduate degrees on a liberal arts foundation. It concludes with authority, responsibility, and accountability in business continuity planning.

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sustainable university operation, business risk management, business of education, sustainable college operation, long-term sustainable operation, sustainable value chain, collegiate reforms, collegiate risk management, enterprise risk management