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The Violin, How it Works

A Practical Guide to Violin Ownership

Michael J. Pagliaro

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The Violin, How it Works is designed to enrich the learning experience of students who are using a traditional violin method lesson book. Method books only teach one how to play an instrument. This Supplemental Handbook teaches everything else about the instrument, including:

1. the parts of the violin and how they work

2. how to care for a violin outfit

3. how to plan a practice session

4. what items (accessories) are needed to help one play the violin.

5. how violins are made

6. the history of the violin

7. how violin bows are made

8. the history of violin bows

The book also contains a dictionary for violin terms and a comprehensive index to facilitate topic location.

With this book included in a curriculum, a student will also have greater insight into the violin’s relationship to the viola, cello, and double bass with which they will be working. Being exposed to this expanded enrichment will result in a well-rounded musician in place of one who can just play an instrument.



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