Steadfast Parenting

How to Raise Children of Character

Patricia McGann

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


A practical guide that encourages families to return to the basics of parenting in order to raise happy, respectful, and loving children.The rules and guidelines for raising families in our crisis-oriented, communication overloaded, high-pressure culture are changing by the minute. Yet, the fundamental principles of effective parenting remain. As parents seek to support children who are learning to hold their own in today's divided society, they need reassuring and consistent information on how to keep their family going in the right direction.In Steadfast Parenting: How to Raise Children of Character, educator, counselor, mother, and grandmother Patricia McGann shares practical advice for parents as they navigate the bumpy, unpredictable road of parenting. With a special focus on building a positive relationship between parents and children, McGann returns to the basics for how to raise happy, healthy, and kind kids. She walks parents through the family, social, and school issues for each stage of developmentinfants, toddlers, elementary-aged, tweens, and teensreminding parents throughout that they should trust their instincts and enjoy the small, shiny moments that occur along the way.Steadfast Parenting encourages parents to abandon the desire to follow society's ridiculous expectations for them and their little ones. Instead, parents and children can and should appreciate the relationship that is uniquely theirs. Referring to this guidetime and again, parents can find reassurance and helpful advice as they raise children of integrity who will contribute in a meaningful way to the world in which we live.