Nightmares and Daydreams

A True Love Story

Jeannine Dixon Seely

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Nightmares and Daydreams is a love story: it is also a life story, proving that life, as a child is not always what we hope it should be. Two kids meet and magic happens--but is it magical enough to soothe their battered souls? What if your thirteen-year old friend had his legs blown off from a discharged bazooka shell? You, an eleven-year-old boy sustained life-threatening injuries as well?What if that disaster happened in the basement of your very own home? Not on the battlefield during World War II, nor in a war at all! In 1947 the tradegy flooded the airways and made the headlines in all of the Los Angeles newspapers.What if your grandmother molested you in her cellar when you were just eight years old? You, a very private little girl kept it a secret. No one else knew: No one else will know until now. The boy and the girl, who experienced those nightmares, explore the frightening incidents and delve deeply into their young, unusual lifestyles. So opposite of one another, so hurt in different ways. Both children on their own emotional roller coasters.Now, in Nightmares and Daydreams, Jeannine explores the secrets of their confused and stressful childhoods. But it was not all sorrow for the two, and she shares some of their favorite side-splitting stories of their screwy teen times, madcap memories, and far-out antics they pulled off during their never dull fifty-seven years of marriage.