The Cross and the Sword

Hoi Chu Thap Va Thanh Kiem

Perry McMullin

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


Lance Corporal Perry McMullin is a wannabe sniper prepared to help win the war in Vietnam. Navy corpsman John Henry Fox dreams of becoming a military chaplain. Now just out of medical training, he is unsure of his newly imposed warrior status. As fate brings a life saver and a life taker together, they soon become friendsbut not without conflict. McMullin is on the military fast track. Focused on being a career marine, he is promoted to sergeant and trained as a sniper. Fox, never a fan of war, decides to return to college, causing the two unlikely friends to part. After instructing at MCB Quantico and working stateside intelligence, McMullin requests to return to Vietnam. Ensign John Fox has also returned to the battlefield, but this time as a navy chaplain. As a cross and sword reunite during special covert operations and top secret missions, neither has any idea that a parting of ways is in store once again. In this compelling, action-packed military tale, two men attempting to survive the ravages of war somehow manage to salvage a friendship and, in the process, discover a lasting gift that neither could have ever imagined.